Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Monogrammed Serving Platter (wedding gift idea)

I used the same technique described in this post but I did a serving platter with the bride and groom's last initial on it. I didn't have a stencil or a silhouette (which would have made it easier) so I improvised.

I printed 3 different fonts/images from my computer and tried them all out to decide which one I would use. Then i cut out the one I wanted with an exacto knife, taped it on with thin strips of masking tape, and used the ceramic paint pen to roughly outline my letter.

Then I removed the letter and filled it in with my pen. I prefer the paint but I only had the pen this time. Both have their pros and cons and can be used together. Then I cleaned up the edges with a toothpick and baked it.

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