Monday, August 5, 2013

Quilted Table Runner (no bias tape)

I've been wanting to make my own table runner for a long time. I've seen different ones but was recently inspired by the one posted on the blog Thrifty Crafty Girl. She also linked up to another tutorial so I looked at both for the basic idea of how to do it. I've never quilted anything before so I tried to make this very easy for myself. Since I had fabric scraps for the top I only bought the bottom piece (need 1/2 yard) and the batting (I bought the cheapest batting I could find). In the end the project cost around $3 to make. I completed it during the course of two nap times (about 4 hours)

I used fabric that I had lying around, which happened to be Americana theme, so although July has passed, I still think it can be used year round. I also only did 9 strips (more strips you do the longer it will take) and each strip was cut to be 4 inches wide and about 14 inches long. In the end the entire table runner, with the border, is about 14 inches wide and 34 inches long.

I sewed the strips together first (1/4 inch seams) and then sewed them to the batting and bottom layer. You could just do it once but I wasn't super confident so I thought I should sew the top first, plus I didn't have any batting yet, so I wanted to make sure the top turned out first. Then I just pinned the top piece to my batting and bottom layer and sewed along the stitch line of my top piece as if I was doing it just once (as shown in the Diary of a Quilter tutorial). I used thread that matched my bottom piece and that is the only side you will end up seeing it on, which is nice.

I do not have a cutting mat or rotary cutter (wish I did, but they are expensive and I am just a beginner right now), so I decided not to make bias tape but instead just cut the bottom piece so it was about 2 inches longer than my top piece and folded it over twice so that the border was about 1 inch all the way around. I folded the corners kind of like a package and pinned. Then I just sewed right on top with my pressure foot lined up with the inside edge of the border, so the stitch was about 1/4 inch in.

Considering this was my first "quilting" project and I didn't use a rotatory cutter and mat I think it turned out great. Maybe I will make other seasonal ones in the future when I get a cutting mat and can be more precise, but this one should work year round for now.

Here are two more that I've made since then.


  1. Very nice, esp for the first time. I'm inspired. Maybe will try some.