Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cute and Easy Paper Covered Bic Pens

I saw this idea a long time ago to decorate the inside of a Bic pen and thought it looked so easy and cute. I finally did it this year and gave bunches of them away as Christmas gifts to people in the lab. They take about 30 seconds to make and the possibilities are endless. The link I saw it on used washi tape but I did not want to spend money on that so I just used scrapbook paper and tissue paper and I think it was probably much easier than tape would have been. I found that tissue paper works best because it is so thin. I just used regular cheap Bic pens but I have also seen it done with the fatter clear pens like these ones. Basically, if you can pull the ink out you can use it.

Bic pens
thin scrapbook or tissue paper
clear tape

Pull the center of your bic pens out. Cut a strip of paper just the length of the pen and about 1.5 inches wide and secure to the middle of the ink barrell with a piece of tape. Hold the pen end while rolling the paper around. Make sure it is nice and tight. Insert back into the barrel of the pen. It will be nice and snug and you probably can't ever get it out so if you mess up just throw it away and you only lost about 10 cents.

Tie a bunch together with ribbon or put into a mug as a gift. 

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