Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Card Display with Decorated Clothespins and Twine

I saw this idea here a long time ago on how to make clothespins look cute and I LOVED it. This year I decorated them with Christmas wrapping paper and used them to display my Christmas cards on a piece of twine hung across my big window. This is really easy and took me about 10 minutes total.

clothes pins (got a huge pack at Dollar Tree)
modge podge (or diluted Elmer's glue)
small paint brush
scrapbook paper or wrapping paper
twine (got 200 feet for about 2 dollars from the hardware store)

Trace clothespin onto paper and cut out. Put a thin layer of glue with a paintbrush onto one side of the clothespin and glue the paper on. Trim any excess edges with scissors. Hang your Christmas cards onto twine (could also use ribbon or yarn).

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  1. I did not know you had this blog! Love it! Just saw it on your Christmas card!