Sunday, October 14, 2012

Spring Rolls

One of my favorite items at Thai and chinese restaurants are the fried spring rolls. They are always super expensive, at least a dollar a piece, but you can make them at home for almost nothing and they are really easy.

spring roll wrappers (not egg roll wrappers)
any combination of the following veggies:
     chopped/shredded cabbage
     chopped/shredded carrots
     bean sprouts
canola oil
deep fryer (I have a FryDaddy, which is nice and small and doesn't require a ton of oil and heats up to the perfect temperature in 15 minutes)
spring roll sauce

Spring roll wrappers are really cheap if you buy them at an oriental store (I paid $1.39 for 25 wrappers). They are really thin and make a nice crispy spring roll. They come frozen and you just let the whole package thaw on the counter for 15 min or so and then you can easily pull them apart and refreeze any that you don't use in a ziploc bag. Keep the ones you are going to use under a moist towel or wet paper towel so that they don't dry out. They need to be pliable so that you can roll them. 

I usually just put cabbage and carrots because they are cheap and easy to find. If I really plan ahead than I will get bean sprouts too. 

Place the wrapper on a clean counter like a diamond. Put about 1 tablespoon of filling near the bottom corner of the wrapper. I found this great blog that has a great tutorial for rolling these. I suggest looking at the tutorial because she explains it really well. When your roll up the last point then moisten with water so that it really sticks well and blends in with the rest of the wrapper. You do not want your roll to come apart when you fry it. Once wrapped you don't have to keep them moist, getting dry will actually make them fry crispier and prevent them from exploding. I have had many spring rolls explode in the fryer because I did not wrap them tight enough, seal them well enough, or they were too wet when I fried them. Once I read her tutorial and followed it they came out perfectly. 

 Fry until golden brown (only takes a few minutes) and serve hot with spring roll sauce*.

I served these with MeiFun noodles that I made last night. When I perfect that recipe I'll post it too.

*You can make your own spring roll sauce but the bottle kind is really good too and lasts forever. I also got that at the oriental store. It's basically like a sweet and sour sauce but a little lighter. 

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