Sunday, October 21, 2012

Handmade Crunchy Baby Cloth Toy with Tags

I made this a few months ago for a friend that was having a baby shower. It was really easy and I wish I had made something like this for my son when he was younger because he would have loved it. 

I used snuggle flannel and cut two square out and folded the edges over so that they were the exact same size and ironed them down. I folded the corners as if wrapping a present. 

Then I folded a thick crunchy retail bag so that it was four layers thick and just slightly smaller than my two squares. I put it in the middle of the two outside pieces like a sandwich. 

 Then I took 9 pieces of ribbon and cut them about 6 inches long and melted the edges with a butane lighter so that they would not fray and pinned them in the sandwich so that the pins went through all the layers. Then I did a zig zag stitch all the way around to sew it together. Easy peasy. 

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  1. What funny timing for you to post this. I had a friend who had something similar and I was just thinking about it this morning as Clarissa was sitting in her car seat and sucking on the tag of the blanket I put on her. She would love to suck on all those silky loops!