Saturday, October 27, 2012

Clay Pot Nativity

I know it's far from Christmas, but I also don't like finding good Christmas ideas just weeks before the big day, and then having no time to make them, so I thought I would share it now. I found this idea when I was looking for a Christmas craft for the kids at church. They loved it and I thought it would be nice to make one for my house too. The supplies can be a little expensive since you may only find some of the items in bulk, but if you can find them individually and or use your craft store coupons, then it's really cheap. This also makes a nice gift so you could make a bunch of them. It took me about an hour to make one. I just happened to find a wooden stable at Goodwill awhile back so it will be perfect for displaying them. There are lots of ways to decorate these, I went really simple, but if you search google image you will find lots of different ideas.

supplies needed:

disposable drinking straw
paper straw for baby Jesus
3 wood balls, two 25mm and one smaller one
2-2 inch clay pots (cheapest ones I found were at Hobby Lobby)
1-1.5 inch clay pot or clay pot saucer (I just couldn't find one small enough)
acrylic paint
paint brushes
some cloth scraps for Mary and Joseph
glue gun
butane lighter (to melt the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying)
stable (if you have one)

Put the heads on a paint brush to easily paint them while holding the paint brush then set them on cans to let them dry. Paint the clay pots for Mary and Joseph (they dry really fast so you can quickly get on two coats. I did not paint the pot for the manger.

For Joseph's shawl I just cut a strip of cloth. For Mary's shawl I cut a diamond and then rounded off the top and bottom corners. I would suggest cutting a scrap piece of paper to get the size and shape you want and use that a a pattern before cutting your real cloth. For the baby swaddle I just cut a circle of cloth. I used a butane lighter to melt all the edges of the fabric so that they won't fray over time.

Glue the heads to the pots and the baby head to a piece of drinking straw. Wrap the baby in a piece of cloth and glue to hold in place. Stuff some straw into the small clay pot and then glue the baby on top of the straw.

Glue the pieces of cloth over Mary and Joseph's heads. The instructions for folding Mary's shawl are in the pictures since it's a little hard to describe in words.

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