Monday, July 2, 2012

Fourth of July Plastic Cup Lantern Lights

Saw the link to this tutorial on a Girl and Glue Gun. I decided to use patriotic fabric to turn it into a Fourth of July decoration. I only glued the fabric on at the seams instead of all over the cup. You could also use scrapbook paper.

Different brands of cup are different shapes even though they are the same volume. I used solo cups (come in 12 packs at Dollar Tree) and cut one cup to make my pattern.

I used a 5/16 drill bit to drill the hole in the top. Then I cut a small slit on the sides of the hole so I could squeze the lights through. If you cut the hole too big the cups will just fall off.

I got the strand of lights at Hobby Lobby (20 light string) for just under 2 dollars because I used my 40% off coupon.

Great easy craft that you can customize for any holiday.

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