Saturday, July 21, 2012

Earring Holder and Rose Petal Saver - How I decorated my room with two matching frames

So by divine intervention I found 2 identical frames at a yard sale and goodwill within a week of each other. I used the first one to make an earring holder and the second to preserve some rose petals. Both were inspired by posts here and here on A Girl and a Glue Gun. I had been looking for a way to preserve some roses that didn't make them look old, dead, and dusty. This was the perfect solution. I just put the fresh petals from 2 roses into the pages of a book and stacked a bunch of books on top and let them sit there for a few days. Then I hot glued them onto a piece of cardstock. I found a piece of an old lace curtain and goodwill and the pattern fit perfectly into the frame so I just glue it on with a glue gun and trimmed the excess.

 frames before

 piece from a lace curtain I found at Goodwill

I've had the rose petals framed for about two months and they still look like this so they should last for awhile and if they don't, I'll just make it again since it's free and my husband knows that he has to get me roses at least twice a year ;) The heart earrings are made out of cardstock and a craft punch. Inspiration for those here. Someday I will get a silhouette and make a bunch more. 

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