Saturday, May 5, 2012

#10 Can Kitchen Utensils Holder

     So I'm sort of obsessed with having lots and lots of kitchen utensils, particularly wooden utensils and rubber scrapers. I get my rubber scrapers at Dollar Tree and they are amazing - high heat silicone and everything. I have 4 of them because I hate it if they are in the dishwasher and I can't use them. I also have a million wooden spoons of every length and various other wooden utensils.


     Anyway, I've been using a #10 can to store them and over time it was getting very crowded in there and the can was looking beat up. I think they make great utensil holders but I needed more and I wanted them to look cute. I can't justify buying lots of fun and different colors of spray paint so I just used what we had from our dresser and fortunately it matched our kitchen counters. I painted two of them and now my counter looks much better and I can actually get my utensils in and out again. Someday when I can buy more spray paint then maybe I will paint designs or stripes or something, but for now they look much better.


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