Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fitted Cardigan Out of a Big Goodwill Shirt

As I was getting ready for church a couple of weeks ago I suddenly needed a white cardigan. I was sad that I didn't have one but realized that I had a big white shirt that I had bought at Goodwill that didn't really fit and seemed like a perfect candidate to be transformed. I was inspired by this blogpost and others I had seen in the past and decided to give it a shot. It took less than 30 minutes and I didn't even have to rip out any stiches, first time ever! You can use this tutorial to make a big shirt more form fitting or make a shirt into a cardigan, or both. I'm going to be on the lookout for more big shirts at Goodwill. 

Fold shirt in half to get the exact center and cut down that line.

 Fold each edge toward the inside and pin and sew. 

 Cut the side seams all the way through the sleeve if you want to make it more form fitting. 

 Find a shirt that fits well and approximate how much you want to take it in. 

 Put the two sides back together (folding toward the inside of the shirt) and pin

 Repeat on other side and sew each side. 

I sewed straight up from the bottom through the sleeve about 1 inch because it seemed like my pink fitted shirt was about 1 inch smaller on each side

Trim the edges to make them cleaner. 

 Now it's about the same size as my fitted shirt. 

wah la - white short sleeve cardigan from a Goodwill purchase that otherwise probably would have been donated back to Goodwill  ; )


  1. you've just inspired me to want to re-learn to use the sewing machine :)