Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meal Planning and Menu Board

While I was pregnant I started meal planning. I wasn't a believer at the time but I am now. I didn't think I could plan my life even a day in advance, let alone a week. Well, turns out it makes things a whole lot easier and you don't waste half an hour deciding what to make and then making macaroni and cheese because you didn't thaw any meat out so you can't and don't have time to make anything better. It's amazing. Even with working full time and having a kid, just by planning meals we somehow eat much better meals almost every day and for a lot less cost than I would have imagined, and earlier than 9pm ;) Plus, on a busy night once a week or so, it's ok if we have beanie weenies or mac and cheese, because I planned it and that's what we had time for.

Well, soon after I started I saw the idea to make a menu board here. Though I loved it, I decided that that kind wasn't going to work for me (not practical enough to make a card for every single recipe) and so then I was going to make a white board and then a chalk board, and then had the idea to do a "white board" on glass. I just went through my scrap paper and found some coordinating pieces and whipped it together. I didn't have a paper cutter at the time so excuse the subtle crookedness, I tried my best with an exacto knife and ruler. It turned out pretty cute and it makes me even more excited to meal plan. The entire project cost me a dollar (the price of the frame at Goodwill).

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